Date : October 15, 2009
Malaysia's Best Job Winner - Final Post
Tennis has been a lifelong passion for me and destiny landed me 'The Best Job in Malaysia'. To cut a long story short 'The Best Job in Malaysia' has transformed my life. This IMG brainchild will change someone��s life unimaginably. I have got so much out of it I don't even know where to start.

This program gave me the opportunity to be involved in all departments of the event. I had a taste of admin, ticketing, court operations, transportation, court services, player services, PR and media. I really had the chance to get up close and personal in all the behind the scenes activities.

I must say that this has been an eye opening experience and organising an International event of this magnitude is definitely no joke. The world of events requires hard work and personal sacrifices. We worked around the clock to make this happen. I also have to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who ultimately made this dream a reality. Each and every one of the team is under high pressure to deliver results under set timelines. The only way to be successful in this industry is to be driven by passion. In IMG culture nothing less than perfect is acceptable and I learnt that, one can never rest on his laurels. The bar is only set temporarily and is raised in each future task. This culture brings out the best in one's abilities as we never know what we are capable of until we are pushed to the limits.

I must say that I had a culture shock when I first arrived and would like to think that I have maximized my experience during this internship. Above all the team work culture is what amazed me the most as no question is trivial and anyone can be called on for help from the Tournament Director to the volunteers. As they say, ��no man is an Island�� and the defining point that made this Tournament a huge success is the team work.

The best part of this program for me was the amazing people that I worked with who now I call friends. Passion for sports was the common bond we shared. I don't know how much IMG have benefited from my service but I can wholeheartedly say that this program has benefited me in so many ways. I have discovered new skills which I never thought I had. Next year there will be another individual who will benefit from this internship and I can safely say that he/she is in for an experience of a lifetime. To learn from those who are driven by passion and perfection is priceless.

It is only in my power to say thank you to each and everyone who has made this dream come true for me but to be totally honest they deserve more than a 'Thank You'.

Live life to the fullest. Play Tennis.