Thank a lot for the hospitality this week and for taking such a good care of us.
Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi (PAK) - ATP World Tour Player

Everything is great, good job for a first time tournament. Thanks,
Christophe Rochus (BEL) - ATP World Tour Player

I��ve had a wonderful time, thank you very much for your hospitality. You have a great tournament and you��ve covered all the bases for future events.
Phil Dent - Father of Taylor Dent (USA), ATP World Tour Player

Thanks for nice atmosphere in lounge and stadium. All the best for future.
Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) - ATP World Tour Player

Thanks a lot for this well organized tournament! We had a great week in KL! The Hotel is fantastic and on-site everything was very good! Thanks to the whole staff for taking care of us so well!
Simon Greul (GER) - ATP World Tour Player

It was very nice to be part of the first KL event. Organization looked like you��ve being making this tournament for so many years. Everything was in great level! And specially the attention of the people involved in helping us. Restaurant, transportation, locker room, practice courts, transportation drivers, hotel and specially the massage service was one of the best in the Tour. Thanks for everything and I hope to come back.
Martin Vassallo Arguello (ARG) - ATP World Tour Player

I just want to leave my best wishes to the people in Malaysia. Thank you very much for your hospitality. Everything was working fine. No complaints�K. Hope to come back next year. All the best!
Andre Sa (BRA) - ATP World Tour Player

"Just a quick note to congratulate you again on what you have achieved in KL. I know in your ever humble manner you will deflect praise and tell all and sundry about the merits of superb team you have around you (and its true, they are great !!). However, even a team of quality people such as yours needs inspired leadership to fulfill its potential and there is no doubt you have achieved this as the driving force behind the event.

It is rare to see such a "happy" event........

Well done - make sure you follow your own wise advice and enjoy the rest of the week. Talk soon."

Brad Drewett - CEO, International Group, ATP World Tour

"Excellent court. Very professional and attractive color scheme of banners and court color. Excellent surface �V one of the best as it is fair to any style of player.

The hotel, Mandarin Oriental is excellent with comfortable, clean rooms and friendly and helpful staff. The food on-site was catered by the hotel and was excellent.

The stadium has three levels and 2 small size lounges. The one on the first floor had all the games and place to relax, and the lounge on the third floor had the dining area along with pool table and computers.
Very nice set up, players were nicely entertained!

One of the nicest hotels on the Tour with exceptionally nice treatment and quality!

I must say KL could compete for the best 250 of the year award if it was outdoors. The place is beautiful, location is great, high quality services, and most importantly the people and staff are super nice. Congratulations Nick and the whole TEAM for putting up such a great production in the first year!"

Tom Barnes �V ATP World Tour Supervisor

"Thank you very much for you support during the entire week. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone and I am very much looking forward repeating the experience in the future years.

Thanks Nick for putting together such a good team."

Luiz Carvalho - ATP Media Manager

"This morning was good and very well organized, thank you.

It has been a pleasure working with you also, and we are all very disappointed by the result last night. The organization of the event has been first rate, and I would be interested in talking with you in the new year about perhaps returning next year.

Thank Nick."

David C Drysdale - Manager, Lleyton Hewitt Marketing

"Congratulations on a successful tournament! We had some great moments working with you and your team, we also saw a surge of interest towards tennis amongst our staff. Thanks for the opportunity to be involved. Hope next year��s will see more big names coming in and we��ll be happy to render our support then."
Jone - Assistant Manager, Communications & CSR

"I loved the way Monfils was moving to the music during the changeovers�K.and Verdasco was really enjoying himself out there�'s written all over his face�K.Gonzo has this incredible special smile in Kuala Lumpur and after a shave, he looks incredibly "clean" lol�K.and you wouldn't believe how much Soderling is smiling throughout this tournament�K.:) Go and watch it "live", guys, if you can!!!!"
Jamie Chin �V Fan

"I am not washing my face for a week! It was pure luck and I have never been lucky (thus this is the luckiest day of my life)."
Lynn Azra - Catch The Ball, Car Winner

"wow you lucky people in KL, able to see some of the world's best tennis players in action in Malaysian Open"
October 9 at 12:33pm
Rosalind Mclellan �V Fan On Facebook

"the event was amazing and i had a great time!"
October 5 at 1:36pm
Angela Rimadudes �V Fan On Facebook

"Khoogood singles finals... congrats to the players and organisers. see you next year.."
October 4 at 10:31pm
Jeff �V Fan On Facebook

"thanks to Tourism Malaysia for this amazing experience!!! never thought we could meet and watch these magnificent players in malaysia...."
October 4 at 10:50pm
Ching Marymany �V Fan On Facebook

"i really enjoyed the whole tournament.."
October 4 at 11:00pm
Fasha Rahimyup �V Fan On Facebook

"yeah.. great experience! best for me is getting Verdasco's sweaty wristband..too bad he lost.."
October 4 at 11:08pm
Aini Idora �V Fan On Facebook

"Didn't expect it to be so good... Definitely season tickets for next year!
October 4 at 2:42am
Syahazzly Izham Hamzah �V Fan On Facebook